Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Possible future freebies!

Join these panels for possible future freebies, most likely in exchange for simple feedback on the products. I haven't received anything yet, but I feel pretty confident about these programs, so that's why I'm sharing! These are the type of programs you have to sign up for now, and when they have something that is relevant to you, they will let you know!

Allure Experts: From Allure magazine, "Allure Experts are beauty and style insiders like you- passionate, intelligent, and opinionated. Be a part of our exclusive and thriving online community. Share your expertise and ideas- and we'll make them count!
Plus, enter for a chance to win prizes for every survey you complete, and try products before they hit the shelves."

VOGUE Insiders: As a vogue insider you will have a chance to test products before they hit shelves, preview new fashion collections, experience member-only events, and make your voice heard in VOGUE.

L'Oreal Product testing panel: Fill out a very short survey for a chance to participate in product studies. UPDATE: I just received an email from them to fill out some questionnaires, and it's turns out you can also opt to do on-site testing if you are willing to go to their location in Chicago (sounds like fun to me!)

People VIP: Tell them your opinion on celebrities, style, shopping, advertising and much more. Each time you fill out a survey, you are entered in to a sweepstakes. I also hear they often send emails where the first number of people who click through will receive a free product!

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