Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mail on Sunday?!?!? Weekly mail call!

Of course we don't get mail on Sunday, but with mail like this, sometimes I wish we did!

Here are the freebies that popped up in my mailbox this week!
Look at all the free magazines I get! While the offers for these are no longer available, this just goes to show, you need to take advantage of these offers as they come!
  • Free Business Week magazine (Offer no longer available)
  • Free Travel and Leisure magazine (Offer no longer available)
  • Free Maxim magazine (Offer no longer available)
  • Free Entertainment Weekly (Offer came with Gamefly trial)
  • Coupons for Bolthouse products (Wrote to manufacturer, see my post here)
  • Free freezer tote from Skinny Cow + Sam's Club (no longer available)
  • Free full sized product to test from People Stylewatch VIPs (see my post here)
  • Wall decal from Bored, Inc. (Won in a blog giveaway, hosted by Familylicious Reviews)
  • A Package from Iams with a coupon for a FREE bag ($16!!), coupons for dollars off, and a cat toy!! How thoughtful of them! (Wrote to manufacturer, see my post here)
Go here to see the freebies I've posted recently.

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1 comment:

  1. That wall decal is so cute!

    Edited to add that my captcha said "spermies"!


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