Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swagcode hints!!

Final update: Well by the looks of the blog, all of the codes are out. Most of them have expired, except for the code from the hunt, and the one from this post.

[New to Swagbucks? Start here, or go here to sign up.]

It has been one swaggy day!

Have you been chasing the Swagcodes all day like I have? I would love to hear about it!

Quite honestly I have spent wayyyy too much time on Swagbucks today, but the good news is, you don't have to because I might just have some hints for you if you haven't been following along!

Let me also say, because of the birthday event, their site has been pretty slow today - it is NOT usually like this!

You might be able to find Swagcodes in the following locations!!!

Here (he gives the code away at the bottom of the post)
(expires at 3am EST)

Here (expires 10pm EST)

Here (expired at 6pm EST)

UPDATE: New hint on the blog! 7pm EST (I'm still tracking it)
UPDATE: Okay the hint said the code is on their Flickr page, and had something to do with a band that had a number in their name. They also said there was a banner in their sidebar for the band that was orange and black. Well, this didn't help me at all, because after locating the code, I looked for the banner and it appeared to be red and black on my screen. But I found the code by searching for a word that always appears next to swagcodes. Starts with an 'e' and it's what you do with the code once you find it.

UPDATE: Another code on the Facebook page! When viewing the wall filter the comments to show "Just Swagbucks" posts and you should see it. (expires 10pm EST)

UPDATE 9:05pm EST: There is yet ANOTHER code to be found on the blog!! Watch the video!

Also if you have the toolbar, check the message entitled "Hip hip hooray!" for another code.
I did not have the toolbar (I personally do not like toolbars), but I downloaded it, got the code and just uninstalled it. (Not sure but this code may be expired now)

Now onto the Swag hunt! Throughout the day, they have been releasing one letter at a time, to eventually make up a 7 letter code worth an additional 30 Swagbucks! Here are some tips on how you might be able to find these letters.
  • Check this blog post for the first letter and details of the hunt.
  • Then head over to the Facebook page where you can find a MAJOR hint to the second letter, and actually find the third letter of the code. While viewing the wall, filter the comments to show "Just Swagbucks" posts. That is where you'll see the 2nd letter hint. THEN, while it's filtered to show Swagbucks only, you might want to see what else they've been doing on Facebook today. Looks like they've participated in a discussion. Once you go to said discussion, you will have to browse the comments to find a comment from Swag bucks with the third letter.
  • Maybe next, you should head over to their Flickr page.
  • Tweet much?
  • 6th letter hint: Maybe you should check the Swidget. I have one at the very bottom of my page. Click "Swag codes" to check it. (Thanks Tamara!)
  • FINAL LETTER!! Have you check the blog lately?
Remember the code is case sensitive!

I will come back and add more to this post as the information becomes available to me.

Thanks, Engineer a Debt Free Life, for hosting a great hints + comments conversation all day today!


  1. thanks for posting this!
    i couldnt figure out the 22 code but i clicked on the links here and found it!

  2. Are you aloud to do this?

  3. I never post any codes. And it's ALLOWED not aloud.

  4. ohh, thank you so much!

  5. So confused on the annie post....

  6. Are you serious? The code is written clear as day right below the video. At first it didn't load all the way for me and it was just showing "enter," but then once it loaded properly it was visible.

  7. Geeze louise - mine didn't load the first time - sorry I JUST found it

  8. are you talking about a different code from the Maroon 5 one, in regards to the banner?

  9. Sara- I was referring to that one yes, the band one. Like I said it showed up red and black on my screen, so I scrolled right past it. And then was able to locate it by searching for a different word.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Check Swidget for the next letter.

  11. Warning, someone just posted the SwagCode hunt word on Facebook

  12. Oh boy. Yeah there have been people doing that all day. At one point some guy posted nearly ALL the codes about EIGHT times in a row on their wall. Not cool!

    And I have updated this post, as there is another code on the blog!!!

  13. Hi. I'm relatively new to Swagbucks and I'm having a whale of a time searching for all those swagcodes. It feels like my birthday too!

    Thanks for guiding us through the hunt.

  14. MissEb - I'm glad I could help :)

    It's been a blizzard here all day and the mister is out of town, so I've been stuck in the house all day!

  15. Hi Kristie, thanks for consolidating this info... i was stuck home because of the blizzard too but was trying to keep my toddler from destroying the house at the same time....

    I'm having issues reading the whole discussion on FB, I can't get to the second or third page...

  16. I guessed... and got 30 bucks! thank you for your help.

  17. I can't get the video on the blog to show. There's also one on the Wall 2 for a Karate Kid video, but that won't play. :(

  18. I wrote out the letters I had and left spaces, I guessed what the spaces where... I didn't see a Karate Kid video, is that another code?

  19. Sara- Thanks for the tip about the Karate Kid video! (And LEDesign, you can find the video by looking at the "Special Offers" page, link in the sidebar, then go to page 2)

    I heard people saying something about Karate Kid on the Facebook page and I didn't know what they were talking about. This morning I was browsing the Special Offers section and found a similar video for, and earned 2 SB for watching that too. I just thought the videos were something new on the Sepcial Offers section.

    Oh yeah LEDesign, a lot of people were having problems viewing that discussion on Facebook. I went back to it to double check if it was lower or upper case, and I couldn't get back to it either. I supposed Facebook is overloading on this too! Are you sure you can't just guess the letter, by looking at the letters you do have? I bet you can!


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