Sunday, February 21, 2010

Walgreens 7 days of photo deals returns!

Walgreens 7 days 7 deals is back!

Each day this week there will be a new offer (discounts and possibly freebies!) on their photo services!

Today's offer is customized magazine covers for only $1.99! (select in-store pickup)
Use the code COVERIT during checkout.

During this promotion last year, I was able to score several freebies including prints, collage prints and photo books! Some of the items I did have to pay shipping on, when I couldn't select "In-store pickup" as my shipping option.

BUT while my local Walgreens did not offer in-store pickup on the collage prints, for example, I figured out a nearby store actually did! So I just had it sent there, and picked it up when I was nearby.

I had never used their online photo services before this event last year, but I was really pleased with the products, the prices and the service.


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