Monday, March 15, 2010

Swagcode alert!

Search & Win

Did you grab today's Swagcode? Head over to the Swagbucks Facebook page and check out today's discussion to see what they're talking about (hint, hint!).

Tip: Scroll through the discussion and look for posts from Swagbucks.

The code expires at 10:01pm EST, tonight ,3/15.

New to Swagbucks? See my intro post here to find out how you can be getting rewarded for something you do anyway - searching the internet!

Or go here to sign up!


  1. Are you still get codes when you search? I haven't been able to earn a code the last few days with many searches. Very frustrating!

  2. I LOVE Swagbucks! Although I only have about 100 or so ... so that bites - but it's a rush whenm you get one of the big swags! :D


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