Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where Have I Been? Discovering My Family History on!

I haven't been posting as much as I usually do,
and there's a reason for that!
I've been doing a trial to, and it is SUPER addicting!

Have any of you ever been on
I started my family tree on there about a year ago, and after entering just a few names I got a leaf!
A leaf means that they have found a hint for you, and it could be other members' family trees that connect to yours, or even original documents like census records, immigration records, draft cards and more!

It's free to make your family tree on there and do searches, but with a membership (I'll tell you how to get one free!), you can actually view scans of old census records and more!

I've been able to get back to relatives born in 1786!
I've also found records of my ancestors from the:
  • 1930 Census
  • 1920 Census
  • 1910 Census
  • 1900 Census
  • 1880 Census
  • 1870 Census
  • 1860 Census
  • Various Ship manifests
  • Various City directories
  • And more!

I was able to learn that in:
  • 1930 my Great-Grandfather was an Electrician
  • 1905 my Great-Great Grandfather was a Saloon Keeper
  • 1880 my Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle was a Cigar Maker!

I have also been able to link up with other members who share my family tree!
It is truly amazing!

You can score a FREE 14 day trial to, and with that you will be able to build your family tree, connect with other members, view original documents, and even save them to your computer!

Who will you discover?

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  1. I have been using for over five years. There is so much useful information to be found there.


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