Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tips for playing and winning online Instant wins

Earlier I shared with you about how I win stuff all the time in online instant win contests.
You can find a list of my favorite current instant wins here.

Here are some tips I come up with:

  • The first time you play, you will have to enter your information, but after that you are usually able to play by just entering your email address (so it's a lot faster!)
  • If the contest requires you to create a password for entry, choose one that rolls off your fingers because you will have to type it each time you enter. I use the same one for all the contests, but it's different than my personal passwords for security purposes.
  • Choose just a few contests that sound interesting to you to start out with.
  • Enter as often as they let you to maximize your chances of winning! Take an hour (or less depending on how many you're participating in) to enter each day.
  • If the contest allows multiple daily entries, don't use them all at the same time. In most contests, winning plays are at predetermined times. So if you don't win at 5:54 pm the first time, generally you won't win at 5:54 pm the second try either.
  • Choose contests that have a lot of prizes to giveaway (rather than just 1 a day), and smaller "winnable" prizes, so you have a better chance of winning. This will build your confidence in these promotions, and encourage you to enter more often after you get your first win!
  • When you're entering, keep your email address "copied" so you can quickly and easily paste it into the box when you need to, rather than typing it out each time.
  • Often times there will be an option to "skip game." This will save time and you CAN still win this way! I've won at least twice while skipping the games.
  • Be sure to give your real information, because this is how they would contact you if you won a bigger prize!
  • Don't try to gain extra entries by using different email addresses!
  • Skip the contests that don't have prizes that are relevant to you (for example, I skip the one whose prize is "100 box tops for education" - I don't participate in that program, the prize would be worthless to me) - It makes it a lot faster and gets you on track to win prizes you really do want!
  • If you find yourself awake at off peak times, enter! There will most likely be less people entering really early in the morning or really late at night. Usually if no one plays at the "winning time," whoever plays next will win the prize.
  • Don't get discouraged if you aren't winning! December was my best month so far, and now in January, all I've won is salsa. But if you stop playing, you will definitely not win anything!
Good luck everyone and I'd love to hear if you win anything!

*This is not guarantee you will win any prizes, I can only offer my perspectives and personal experiences.


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