Sunday, January 10, 2010

WIN stuff FREE with online Instant win games!!

This is another one of those situations where there is a lot of garbage out there on the internet.
And again, I filter through it and am sharing the real deals with you!

[Click here to go directly to the list of instant win games going on now!]

**This collage was made from screenshots I took of my ACTUAL WINS!

Have you ever known someone who "wins stuff all the time?"
I think I figured out the secret of how to become one of those people.

Think about it, how often do you enter contests? Probably not that often.
Well I bet that's how often you win too!

Many manufacturers conduct online instant win games and sweepstakes. Perhaps, you've even participated in a few. Well, you can really win a lot of awesome prizes if you play as much as they let you (usually once a day).

Has it paid off for me? YES!
I just started doing this back in September 2009 and here is a list of all the prizes I've won so far (yes I keep a list!):

$25 Starbucks card from Huggies
$25 to Chili's or Maggiano's from My Coke Rewards
$15 Best Buy card from My Coke Rewards (x3!)
$5 Subway card from My Coke Rewards
$10 Starbucks card from the Entertainment book (x2!)
5 free jars of salsa from Pace
$5 Wendy's card
$10 Starbucks card from AT&T
Hat from Nature Valley
Portable Canon photo printer from U-Promise (valued at over $100!)
DJ Hero for Xbox 360 from My Coke Rewards
$5.01 card for Arby's
$5 cash from Honey nut Cheerios (x3!)
$10 Home Depot card from Wendy's
$5 Home Depot card from Wendy's
$25 American Express card from Simon malls
2 movie passes from My Coke
CSI backpack
Pair of Dockers
$5 Sears card
Dove Hair product

Isn't that impressive???

Check out my post here for tips and tricks for playing and winning!
Go here to view a list of my favorite current instant wins.

**I am not affiliated with any the companies or brands mentioned in this post in any way, other than being a frequenter of their websites and consumer in general. Any trademarks and such are copyright their respective owners. This is not guarantee you will win any prizes, I can only offer my perspectives and personal experiences.

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  1. That IS impressive! I've been faithfully sweeping for about five months, and I have yet to win an instant game. I got my mother sweeping about a month ago, though, and she's already won two prizes -- most recently a case of potato chips from Wise. Just what a dieting woman needs. :)


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