Sunday, January 24, 2010

Voice your opinion AND try new products FREE!

These are some of great sites to sign up with for the possibility of scoring some really awesome freebies, while getting to try new products and giving your feedback on them. I consider these few "tried and true" because I have participated in the sites for a few months now, received a few things from them and happily returned to their websites to provide my feedback.

BzzagentThis site is to a “word of mouth” marketing program, where people discuss products, websites, brands, etc. Sign up and complete a few short surveys so they know what group you fall into. Then contribute to a few products' pages (comments, links, photos, etc.) and you can be invited to participate in BzzCampaigns. For BzzCampaigns, they usually send out a product for you to test and review on their site.

So far, I’ve been invited to one campaign. I got to try the new L’oreal lash boosting serum and Double extend mascara with Lash boosting serum, for FREE!
[Note: I am testing these products for four weeks and will be posting me review on here soon so stay tuned!]

VocalpointWebsite for moms and consumers in general, with message boards, tips, recipes, etc. They also send out free things from time to time as part of their “Try and Tells.” They send you a product, coupons for free products, high value coupons, or other little goodies. Then you come back to the site and talk about the products.

So far, from them I’ve received Olay Pro-X face cream and Secret clinical strength deodorant, and they also did the new Bounce Dryer bars just before I signed up.

SheSpeaks Website for female consumers to “speak their minds” about products (very similar to Vocalpoint). Sign up and when they have a “study” for you to join, they will email you to let you know.

So far from them, I’ve received Ghirardelli chocolate with peanut butter squares. How cool is that?? Afterward, they asked me to come back to their website and take a short survey about the chocolate. Very simple and totally worth it.

House Party - This is a community where people are connected through parties, all thrown at the same time, centered around a certain product or event. Sign up and apply to be a party host, and if you are selected they usually send a "party pack" with all the goodies you'll need to throw an awesome party!

So far, I've hosted one party. It was called "Fun, fit and Guilt free House party" and it was to promote Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy and Jell-o Mousse whips. I received coupons for free Jell-o Mousse whips to serve at my party, two Nintendo Wii games to try and KEEP, and coupons and headbands for the guests. Pretty cool huh?

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  1. Saw that Oil of Olay product and joined Vocal Point. Thnaks for the tip.


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