Sunday, January 24, 2010

How I got all this stuff for $2.52 out of pocket!

Drug stores have a lot of great deals if you're willing to look and plan!

By pairing sale prices with manufacturer's coupons, store coupons (you can use one of each per item!) and rebates, you can score items for very little money and often times FREE!

My most recent trip to Rite Aid is a wonderful example of this! I only had to spend $2.52 (including tax!) out of my pocket for 16 items that would have cost $62.65 (before taxes) regularly!

Here is a summary of the items I purchased and the coupons I used to get such a great deal:
[Sales prices were from the week of January 3rd -9th]

2- 4packs GE Reveal lightbulbs [Reg. $5.29 ea - Sale price 2/$4 + $2 Single Check rebate*]
2- Nivea lip balms [Buy one at 2.99 get one free]
500 mL Listerine [Reg. $4.39 - Sale price $3.50 + $3 Single Check rebate*]
Maybelline The Colossal mascara [Reg. $7.39 - Sale 40% off ($4.43) + $2 SCR*]

Nivea body wash with bonus travel size item! [Reg. $6.99 - Sale price $4.99]
2 Glade air fresheners [Reg. $1.69 - Sale price $.99ea]
Wet n Wild bronzer [Reg. $2.99 - Sale 40% off ($1.79)]
L'oreal Everpure [Reg. $6.99 - Sale price $5.99]
2 Stayfree products [Buy one at $3.99, get one free]

2 Chex mix [Buy one at $2.99, get one free]

Regular prices: $62.65
Subtotal with sale prices: $36.65

Then I used coupons:
-$5 off your purchase of at least $25
-$1 GE bulbs (**SS 11/22/09 and SS 01/03/10) x2
-$1 Listerine (**RP 01/01/10 - varies by region)
-$1 Maybelline mascara (Rite aid Video Values ad perk coupon)
-$.75/2 Glade air fresheners (Printable here if still available)
-$2 L'oreal Everpure (RP 11/01/09, or RP 01/24/10)
-BOGO Free Stayfree products (RP 01/03/10)
-$1/2 Chex mix (Rite Aid Video Values ad perk coupon)
-$.50 Chex mix (printable - no longer available)
New subtotal: 19.41

-$10 Gift of Savings certificate earned in December (see here for program details)
Subtotal $9.41.
-$7.99 Rite Aid Single Check rebate earned in December

Making the grand total:
$1.42 + $1.10 tax = $2.52 out of my pocket, and I walked away with all this stuff!

*Plus I earned $7 in Single Check Rebates! (See the Rite Aid website for details)
**SS - Smart Source, a coupon insert found in Sunday papers
**RP - Redplum, also found in Sunday papers

Rite Aid also has a promotion going on right now called The Game of Life. Earn game tickets for purchasing specially marked products and have a chance at instantly winning prizes or collect the tickets and win. I didn't win anything but each game ticket has a different Rite Aid coupon attached so hopefully I'll be able to use them in a future transaction!

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  1. Nice work! I love the look on the cashier face when you get good deals like this. :)


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